What is Wappy?

Wappy is the work order app for exchanging time registration, material and other information between yard and office. Working with Wappy takes a few simple steps:

  1. Exchange the daily schedule, information and documents, such as technical data sheets and contact details, digitally via the app. Start navigating to the location via the GPS connection. You always have all the necessary information at hand.
  2. Register the hours via the start and stop button.
  3. Select the consumed material.
  4. Ready? Have the work order signed digitally to avoid discussions ...
  5. ... and send to your administration software!

Naturally, a few settings should be personalized to use Wappy according to your way of working. To start with Wappy it is best to go through this documentation, so your success with Wappy is guaranteed. Do you have any questions afterwards? Then be sure to contact our support.

Would you like to try out Wappy? Fill in our online questionnaire and we will provide you with a login with which you can try Wappy for free for 1 month. You do not need a credit card yourself to start the trial version. After this test period, we will contact you briefly by telephone and we are happy to listen to your findings.

You will notice that Wappy is twofold. In addition to the application, we also have a web version. This web version serves as a 'back office' where the planning is made and work orders are created, followed by further processing. The users at the workplace only use the app to fill in the digital work order.

Wappy webversion

The web version of Wappy is used by the Wappy administrator responsible for planning. When scheduling an item, a new work order sheet is created in the app and useful information can be send to the employees. The Wappy manager receives all completed work orders digitally and receives an overview of the performance.

To log in, go to the Wappy online portal via your web browser.

Make up the planning

Share information with employees

Process work orders

Analysis & overview of work orders

Wappy App

The Wappy app is used by the employees who are present at the working place. These employees can consult the scheduled work order after opening the app. There they can go through all the information that was exchanged via the web portal. Hours, material, pictures and possibly some more information about the performances are supplemented by the employees on the digital work order. At the end of the working day, the work order is signed digitally and forwarded to the web version.

To download Wappy on your smartphone, go to the Google Play Store or the App Store.


Try Wappy 1 month for free and get to know an easier way to register work orders.

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