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Construction firms

Wappy has suitable applications for the construction industry. By using Wappy you get a correct costing in your administration package and it is more efficient to invoice performance.


More efficient communication between different teams

More efficient scheduling of shifts:

In your planning tool you can schedule teams, this automatically creates a work order for each team member in Wappy.

Communication via white boards and e-mail about the working day is no longer necessary. Employees log in to Wappy and immediately know what to do. They will find all information such as contact details, address and required materials. You save a lot of time through this digital communication.

Easier performance recording:

Recording hours and equipment is even easier than on a piece of paper. Started working? Start button on, ready "Stop the time". You can also add the teammate you worked with to your work order.

Easy link with the back office:

Done completing the work order? Easily send the work order to your administration package. There he is ready to be included in your calculation package. Easy right?

Simon Lauwers - co-manager Boud

The implementation of Wappy was a great time saver for our company. We used to communicate planned projects in a time-consuming way. By using Wappy we do this digitally and we save a lot of time with our communication. Our teams know where to go before the start of the working day and the necessary information for the performance of their duties. At the end of the day, our employees at the office receive a digital work order, which is included in the financial analysis. This is a great time saver when part of the administration is carried out smoothly on the construction site!

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