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project-based firms

Registering hours in Wappy makes your financial & project overview much more interesting.


Make your financial overview more interesting

Better track your project history.

Registering in Wappy gives you a better history of performance. This can be useful for your payroll administration or the correct payment of subcontractors.

Schedule employees more efficiently to projects.

In the planning tool you can schedule teams, this automatically creates a work order for each team member in Wappy. Communication via white boards and e-mail about the working day is no longer necessary. Employees log in to Wappy and immediately know what to do. They will find all information such as contact details, address and required materials. You save a lot of time through this digital communication.

A financial overview is kept more accurately.

The time records can be easily tracked by linking to your administration software. Financial analyzes become more interesting because you can also measure more precisely how much capacity goes to the project.

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We handle projects from big to small. For each of these projects, Wappy is a good solution. Even if there is no internet connection, the app is still working offline. Before we had a lot of work with doing administrations afterwards, now with Wappy al lot of administration is already done during work.


Try Wappy 1 month for free and get to know an easier way to register work orders.

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