Make your work orders with Wappy

Registrating hours and material was never so easy

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Make your work orders with Wappy

Registrating hours and material was never so easy

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Making work orders in a few easy steps

Filling in work orders can be fulfilled in a few simple steps. Wappy offers a solutions which is more easier than filling in a piece of paper.


An easy workflow with 5 important stages

  • Fill in your daily planning in your planning tool. The link between your planning tool and Wappy creates automatically a work order in the app. 

  • When opening the app employees will see all the information they need to fulfill the task. With the 'start-button' the time registrations start. 

  • Done with the task? Let someone put a signature on the work order. This counts as a proof that the work which is done is ok.


  • Complete the work order and send it off to the ERP for further administration.

  • Due to the integration with your ERP, it is more easier to do the billing afterwards. With simply one push on the button you'll make an invoice.

Happy users

Average score of 4,4/5 in de App Store & Play Store.

  • Bossu Decor

    We work with different teams for our projects. Before we discovered Wappy we had a lot of work with briefing our employees before the work could start. Wappy has changed a lot for us. We brief our employees now by the help of Wappy. This saves a lot of time for us.

  • Gardens Dhaenens

    Starting up Wappy was very easy. At first view we knew already what every button was standing for. Is there something not clear, then we can count on the support team of Wappy. They give us help within 24 hours. This is a lot of luxury for such a low price!

  • Corpo Interior

    We handle projects from big to small. For each of these projects, Wappy is a good solution. Even if there is no internet connection, the app is still working offline. Before we had a lot of work with doing administrations afterwards, now with Wappy al lot of administration is already done during work.

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Try Wappy 1 month for free and get to know an easier way to register work orders.

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