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Installation firms

With Wappy you can easily keep track of short interventions and installations. By having the work order signed digitally, you always have the best proof when sending your invoice.


Register maintenance, interventions or total projects in Wappy.

Work order with contact details attached:

Impossible to memorize all locations at the start of your working day. When opening the app you will get all projects of today back in 1 list. When you open the work order you will see all contact details and information of the customer. So it's very easy to give the customer an update about the hour of arrival.

Register hours and sign off:

When you arrive at the customer, press the start button. Once the work has been completed, you close the time registration. For verification let the the customer sign digitally.

Work order is invoiced simply:

Wappy connects with your administration package. As a result, after the execution of the performance, it isn’t much work to invoice the work order.


Try Wappy 1 month for free and get to know an easier way to register work orders.

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