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Garden firms

For garden professionals, options are provided in Wappy to register plants, the amount of spray per customer and other materials.


Register your plants and consumed equipment

Work order with contact details attached:

Impossible to memorize all locations at the start of your working day. When opening the app you will get all the projects planned for today in 1 list. When you open the work order you will see all contact details and information of the customer. So it's very easy to give the customer an update about the hour of arrival.

Register hours and sign off:

When you arrive at the customer, press the start button. Once the work has been completed, you close the time registration. Let the customer sign digitally for verification.

Work order is invoiced simply:

Wappy connects with your administration package. As a result, after the execution of the performance, it is no longer much work to invoice the work order.

Gardens Dhaenens

Wappy opstarten ging heel eenvoudig. Bij de eerste keer inloggen is het al vrij duidelijk waarvoor elke knop staat. Is er nog iets niet duidelijk geraken we met de handleiding online al heel ver. En bij gepersonaliseerde vragen worden we binnen de 24 uur door de support afdeling verder geholpen. Ontzettend veel luxe voor heel weinig geld!


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