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Step 1: exchanging information and task list


Daily schedule overview

When opening the app, employees can easily find their agenda planning.

GPS link

When employees start driving to the workplace they can activate the GPS connection.

Coordinates exchange and task list

Address, name and contact details can all be found in the app. Your employees can start independently at the workplace through the digital task list.

Step 2: Time registration


Time registration with one click on the button

Start the time registration by pressing the start button.

Add colleagues to the time registration

Employees can also add colleagues to their time registration

Add additional information

Add additional information such as the type of work performed and the amount of minutes you took a break.

Step 3: Registrate material


Easy search in article list

Thanks to a handy tree structure, employees can easily find articles in Wappy.

Articles with images

The employees are certain when selecting an article because of the accompanying photo that is included.

Also with barcodes

Do you work with barcodes on your articles? Scan them with Wappy and these items will be added automatically to the work order.

Step 4: additional information: documents, photos and kilometers


Important documents at hand

Wappy is the ideal way to have important documents digitally at hand. For example, you can add a guiding information to tasks.

Take photos to facilitate communication

Photos are a useful tool to clarify tasks. Or this could be a manner to control the progress of employees visually by let them take a photo each time they leave the project site.

Registering displacement is also important!

Use the kilometer registration, fill it in manually or let Wappy do the registration for you automatically.

Step 5: sign and finish the work order


Extra control

In the last step, an overview of the registration is ready for one last check


To avoid discussions, the work order is digitally signed at the end by the customer.

Send the work order to end the registration

Everything done? Send the work order to your administration software.

Extra assets

Wappy is available in multiple languages: in addition to English, it is also available in Dutch, German, French, Polish, Romanian and Slovak.

No internet connection required: the work order can be completed offline.

Linked with your administration package

Your work order PDF is available in your own house style

By registering all your performances digitally, you will no longer miss anything when invoicing.

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